Infinis Sustainability

Generating a Low Carbon future

Infinis is the leading UK generator of low carbon power from captured methane. It is already delivering a positive impact on climate change through the capture of a greenhouse gas and use of that resource to generate green electricity. Infinis’s strategy to deliver its vision of ‘generating a low carbon future’ is through growth into a more diversified and clean energy portfolio, focused on its core expertise and operating platform, to create longterm and sustainable value.

In the year to March 2021, Infinis captured 300,000 tonnes of methane, preventing more than an equivalent of 6.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (‘CO2’) escaping into the atmosphere. This critical environmental management role is recognised by the regulator, Ofgem, with Renewable Obligation Certificates earned on the majority of exported electricity.

Infinis operates from 148 sites geographically dispersed across the UK. As an embedded generator, its sites provide power into the local distribution networks which are close to end-user demand providing a more sustainable source of power, avoiding both the electrical losses, and associated charges, from use of the national transmission network.

Infinis’s best in class operational model and its significant investment in state-of-the art IT systems has enabled all sites to be monitored and controlled remotely to deliver optimal performance. This resilient operational model, a disciplined approach to risk management, and the vital role the business plays in supplying 24/7 baseload power, have delivered predictable and stable earnings over the period of our ownership.

Infinis is already having a positive effect on the environment and as part of its sustainability strategy the management team has developed sustainability goals, committing to further reducing its direct carbon emissions, while also continuing to build on its strong relationships with the local communities around its sites.

These sustainability goals have been communicated across the organisation and all employees are actively encouraged to present their thoughts and initiatives for operational improvements with a positive environmental impact. Infinis is committed to:

  • Removing inefficient and carbonintensive generation assets, diesel and propane generators from the business by the end of 2021; 
  • Delivering >200MW of installed solar capacity by 2023; 
  • Installing behind the meter electric charging points at strategic site locations by 2025 to enable charging of fleet vehicles; and 
  • Transitioning its diesel vehicle fleet to all electric before 2027.

Infinis’s positive environmental impact, and continued focus on sustainability, has positioned it well to benefit from the evolution of the UK energy sector and to find further opportunities for profitable growth.


6.5m tonnes of carbon dioxide was prevented from escaping into the atmosphere in the year to March 2021

Operates from 148 sites across the UK

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