Ionis Sustainability

Ionisos is the leading independent European provider of cold sterilisation services, an essential, non-discretionary part of the manufacturing process of a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical goods, such as gloves, implants, surgical kits and dialysers, for more than a thousand small to large healthcare industrials. Once sterilised, those products are typically delivered directly to healthcare centres. Ionisos is key to ensuring that those goods can be used safely, for example during surgical procedures.

Ionisos took an active role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and supported various governmental health measures, for example, sterilising packaging components for vaccines, swabs and sample containers for PCR tests.

Sterilisation has been recognised as an essential activity in various jurisdictions, and the business remained in operation throughout the various lockdown periods in all countries where it operates.

The business operates 11 sites spread across France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Estonia. To serve its customers, it offers all three major sterilisation technologies (treatment via exposure to Gamma rays, electron beams or a gas, ethylene oxide) with the suitability of each depending on the characteristics of the product being sterilised.

As an engaged investor, we are supporting the management team to adhere to best-in-class operational standards and to pursue growth opportunities. Since the Company’s investment in September 2019, additional senior managers have been recruited, business service rates have improved whilst lead times for customers have decreased.

Ionisos is actively looking to reinforce its network and expand its footprint to better serve existing and new customers, with a focus on Europe as its core geography.

Ionisos has recently developed a sustainability strategy through which it will seek to expand the scope of its actions to better promote sustainability through the value chain, alongside its commercial partners, suppliers and customers. For example, the business is looking at more responsible sourcing solutions, including fully renewable electricity, in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The management team is involving employees in the development of sustainability initiatives throughout the organisation, sharing best sustainability practices across the group and promoting local actions, in particular through the ‘IONIAwards’, a competition aimed at fostering ideas and engagement amongst co-workers.


Provides cold serilisation services to more than 1,000 healthcare industrials 

Operates from 11 sites across Europe

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