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    Bernardo Sottomayor
    Co-Head of Economic Infrastructure, Europe


    Bernardo became Co-Head of Economic Infrastructure, Europe, in May 2021 alongside Scott. He joined 3i’s Infrastructure team in London in 2015, and with Scott leads the team’s origination and execution platform. He was a senior deal team member on the recent investments by the Company in Joulz, TCR, Infinis, Attero, Alkane Energy and the recent acquisition of Ionisos.

    Bernardo holds board positions at TCR, Attero and Joulz.

    Bernardo has over 20 years’ experience of investing and advising in infrastructure and was previously a partner at Antin Infrastructure, which managed funds investing in infrastructure opportunities across Europe. Prior to Antin, Bernardo was Managing Director, Head of Acquisitions for Deutsche Bank’s European infrastructure fund. His prior experience was in utilities, as Head of M&A at Energias de Portugal, and in infrastructure advisory with UBS and Citigroup.

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