Our objectives and strategy

Our objectives

Our objectives are to provide shareholders with a total return of 8% to 10% per annum, to be achieved over the medium term, with a progressive annual dividend per share.

We aim to achieve this by maintaining a balanced portfolio of infrastructure investments delivering a mix of income yield and capital growth.

The Company invests in businesses where the downside risk protection inherent in infrastructure investments is complemented by an acceptable level of demand risk or by appropriate growth opportunities.

We drive value by adding new investments selectively, through our engaged asset management approach and by maintaining an efficient balance sheet.

The Company typically invests with a long-term hold perspective, although it may realise investments when we believe a sale would maximise value for shareholders.


Strategic priorities

Maintaining a balanced portfolio

Delivering an attractive mix of income yield and capital growth for our shareholders. Investing in a diversified portfolio in developed markets, with a focus on the UK and Europe.

Disciplined approach to new investment

Focusing selectively on investments that are value enhancing to the Company’s portfolio and with returns consistent with our objectives.

Managing the portfolio intensively

Driving value from our portfolio through our engaged asset management approach.

Delivering growth through platform investments.

Maintaining an efficient balance sheet

Minimising return dilution to shareholders from holding excessive cash, while retaining a good level of liquidity for future investment.

Sustainability a key driver of performance

Ensuring that our investment decision and asset management approach considers both the risks and opportunities presented by sustainability.

About 3i Infrastructure

Investment approach

3i’s Phil White and Anna Dellis explain 3iN’s investment approach and the key trends driving its strategy.

Latest results

Our results for the six months to 30 September 2022 were announced on 08 November 2022.