Megatrends significantly influence our world, affecting decision-making and changing the demands placed on our economy and services.

Identifying the potential for growth across businesses, sectors and countries serves as a key driver in our investment decision-making and asset management processes. 

We seek to diversify the Company’s portfolio across a range of megatrends that will provide a supportive environment for long-term sustainable returns to shareholders across the economic cycle. We also continually assess underlying risk factors, both when considering new investment opportunities and in managing the existing portfolio and its exposure to certain risks, such as commodity prices and foreseeable technological disruptions. 

Examples of the megatrends which support our current portfolio are described in the table below.


Investment theme

Our portfolio

Energy transition

  • Renewable energy generation

    • Mt Infinis
    • Valorem
    • Futurebiogas Logo
  • Electrification/energy transition

    • Mt Infinis
    • Joulz New
    • Tcr
    • Esvagt Portfolio
  • Shared resources

    • Tcr
    • Mega Trend Srl


  • Automation and digital operations

    • Tampnet 500 X 367
    • GCX
  • Increasing connectivity and demand for bandwidth

    • Tampnet Portfolio
    • Dns Portfolio (1)
    • GCX

Demographic change

  • Demand for healthcare

    • Ionisos 500X367

Renewing essential infrastructure

  • Smart cities

    • Dns Portfolio (1)
    • Mega Trend Srl
  • Urbanisation

    • Joulz New
    • SRL Logo

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