Investment policy

3i Infrastructure aims to build a diversified portfolio of equity investments in entities owning infrastructure businesses and assets. We seek investment opportunities globally, but with a focus on Europe, North America and Asia.

3In Investment Policy

The Company’s equity investments will often comprise share capital and related shareholder loans (or other financial instruments that are not shares but that, in combination with shares, are similar in substance). The Company may also invest in junior or mezzanine debt in infrastructure businesses or assets. Most of the Company’s investments are in unquoted companies. However, the Company may also invest in entities owning infrastructure businesses and assets whose shares or other instruments are listed on any stock exchange, irrespective of whether they cease to be listed after completion of the investment, if the Directors judge that such an investment is consistent with the Company’s investment objectives. The Company will, in any case, invest no more than 15% of its total gross assets in other investment companies or investment trusts which are listed on the Official List.

The Company may also consider investing in other fund structures (in the event that it considers, on receipt of advice from the Investment Manager, that it is the most appropriate and effective means of investing), which may be advised or managed either by the Investment Manager or a third party. If the Company invests in another fund advised or managed by 3i Group, the relevant proportion of any advisory or management fees payable by the investee fund to 3i plc will be deducted from the annual advisory fee payable under the Investment Management Agreement and the relevant proportion of any performance fee will be deducted from the annual performance fee, if payable, under the Investment Management Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no similar set-off arrangement where any such fund is advised or managed by a third party.

For most investments, the Company seeks to obtain representation on the board of directors of the investee company (or equivalent governing body) and in cases where it acquires a majority equity interest in a business, that interest may also be a controlling interest.

No investment made by the Company will represent more than 25% of the Company’s gross assets, including cash holdings, at the time of making the investment. It is expected that most individual investments will exceed £50 million. In some cases, the total amount required for an individual transaction may exceed the maximum amount that the Company is permitted to commit to a single investment. In such circumstances, the Company may consider entering into co-investment arrangements with 3i Group (or other investors who may also be significant shareholders), pursuant to which 3i Group and its subsidiaries (or such other investors) may co-invest on the same financial and economic terms as the Company.

The suitability of any such co-investment arrangements will be assessed on a transaction-by-transaction basis and would be subject to Board approval. Depending on the size of the relevant investment and the identity of the relevant co-investor, such a co-investment arrangement may be subject to the related party transaction provisions contained in the Listing Rules and may therefore require shareholder consent.

The Company’s Articles require its outstanding borrowings, including any financial guarantees to support subsequent obligations, to be limited to 50% of the gross assets of the Group (valuing investments on the basis included in the Group’s accounts).

In accordance with Listing Rules requirements, the Company will only make a material change to its investment policy with the approval of shareholders.


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