What we do


3i’s Scott Moseley and Bernardo Sottomayor talk about 3iN’s approach and the structural growth megatrends underpinning our portfolio companies


We invest responsibly in infrastructure, delivering long-term sustainable returns to shareholders and having a positive influence on our portfolio companies and their stakeholders.

Our objectives are to provide shareholders with a total return of 8% to 10% per annum, to be achieved over the medium term, with a progressive annual dividend per share.

Our strategy is to maintain a balanced portfolio of infrastructure investments delivering an attractive mix of yield and capital appreciation for our shareholders. We invest across mid-market economic infrastructure in developed markets, with a focus on the UK and Europe.

Economic infrastructure businesses

Our approach to businesses that own their asset base in perpetuity or have long-term concessions backed by robust regulatory frameworks.

We originate investments through the Investment Manager's dedicated team based in London and Paris, as well as drawing from 3i Group’s considerable network of business leaders and relationships.

We generate returns during our ownership through the Investment Manager's engaged asset management approach. The Investment Manager represents the Company on the boards of our investments, working with the management team to set the direction and strategic plan for the company.

We will sell investments when a sale would maximise value for our shareholders.


Typical range of equity investments

Typical range of returns per annum

Businesses generally:

  • Own their asset base in perpetuity or have long-term concessions backed by robust regulatory frameworks
  • Provide essential services
  • Have a strong market position
  • Generate stable cash flows 

Some businesses may have some characteristics which, through an engaged asset management approach, can enhance returns, including:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Demand/market dynamics
  • Greater operational complexity


What we do

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