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Our objectives are to provide shareholders with a total return of 8% to 10% per annum, to be achieved over the medium term, with a progressive annual dividend per share.

Our strategy is to maintain a balanced portfolio of infrastructure investments delivering an attractive mix of yield and capital appreciation for our shareholders. We invest across mid-market economic infrastructure and greenfield projects in developed markets, with a focus on the UK and Europe. Our target markets for new investment include:

Economic infrastructure businesses

Our approach to dynamic businesses that own their asset base in perpetuity.

We originate investments through the Investment Adviser’s dedicated team based in London and Paris, as well as drawing from its broader European network of offices.

We generate returns during our ownership through the Investment Adviser’s engaged asset management approach. The Investment Adviser represents the Company on the boards of our investments, engaging with senior management to support the development and execution of their strategy.

We will sell investments when a sale would maximise value for our shareholders.


Typical range of equity investments

Typical range of returns per annum

Businesses generally:

  • Own their asset base in perpetuity
  • Provide essential services
  • Have a strong market position
  • Generate stable cash flows 

Some businesses may have some characteristics which, through an engaged asset management approach, can enhance returns, including:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Demand/market dynamics
  • Greater operational complexity


Greenfield projects

Our approach to concession-based projects in construction (“primary”) or in operation.

We originate attractive opportunities through the Investment Adviser’s relationships with project developers, including construction companies.

We also leverage the Investment Adviser’s expertise in the assessment and management of construction risk.

We generate returns by managing greenfield projects through their construction phase and operational ramp-up. And once projects become operational, they can be held for yield or sold to crystallise value.


Typical range of equity investments

Typical range of returns per annum

Businesses generally:

PPPs to design, build, finance, commission and operate infrastructure such as government buildings, social infrastructure, accommodation and transportation projects, as well as low-risk energy projects, other means of energy generation, transmission and storage, and telecommunications.


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