About us

Our business model

Our resources

Investment Manager's team

A team of over 30 investment professionals who have significant experience of investing in and managing infrastructure assets

3i network

The Investment Manager’s team draws on 3i Group plc’s considerable network of business leaders and relationships to help both originate and manage the Company’s infrastructure assets

Access to funds

The Company’s flexible funding model allows the business to maintain an efficient balance sheet whilst retaining the ability to make new investments


We are respected in the marketplace both for our strong investment performance and for acting responsibly

How we create value

Source Well
The Investment Manager identifies a pipeline of opportunities that have the following characteristics

Asset intensive or long-term concessions

Businesses with a significant asset base that they own in perpetuity, or long-term concessions backed by robust regulatory frameworks, generating stable long-term cash flows

Essential services

Businesses that provide essential services to the communities in which  they operate, or to other  businesses operating in markets with high barriers  to entry and providing some downside protection

Acceptable element of market/usage risk

Businesses that, along with downside protection, offer upside through an acceptable level of demand risk

Opportunities to enhance value

Enhancements to the current business plan or potential growth opportunities

Target sectors

Focus on investments in  the Company’s target sectors, or adjacent markets

Geographical focus

Developed markets, principally the UK and Europe

Buy Well
We are a patient and selective investor with a rigorous and consistent approach to identifying the best investment opportunities

Buy the right asset

Understand what we are buying through comprehensive due diligence

With the right team

Ensure we have a strong team in place aligned to our investment objectives

And the right plan

Develop a sustainable, long-term business plan that can be delivered

That fits our portfolio

Consistent with our return and yield targets and risk appetite

With the right governance

Controlling majority or significant minority investments with strong governance rights

Manage Well
We work closely with our portfolio companies to drive operational and financial performance to deliver the investment cases

We have a long-term investment horizon, but will sell an asset when to do so would maximise value for our shareholders.

We manage the portfolio actively to ensure alignment with the Company's risk appetite

Our approach to
asset management

  • Have board representation
  • Ensure appropriate capital structure
  • Incentivise management
  • Define strategic direction
  • Support, advise and help drive performance
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance
  • Review further investment growth or M&A opportunities

A Collaborative

Responsible Investment policy embedded into our investment and portfolio monitoring processes

Delivered objectives


Total return on opening NAV for the six months to 30 September 2019


Interim dividend

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