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    SRL Traffic Systems

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    SRL, is the market leading temporary traffic equipment (“TTE”) rental company in the UK. SRL offers its customers a full-service rental solution, which includes the planning and design of traffic management systems, installation, maintenance and integration with existing systems, as well as direct sales of equipment assembled by SRL.

    SRL’s market-leading reputation is supported by its national depot network, providing a 24/7, 365 days a year service on which customers rely for quick deployment and reactive maintenance work.

    Recent developments

    SRL performed slightly behind expectations during the financial year. There has been a reduction in general market activity levels due to delays in capital expenditure programmes within the public sector in advance of the UK general election, and in the telecom sector as the fibre rollout has slowed.

    Despite this challenging market environment, SRL has shown resilience and continued to grow its revenue and EBITDA. It has also been successful in extending contract durations with customers, providing better revenue visibility.

    Investment rationale

    3i Infrastructure acquired SRL in December 2021.

    • TTE is mission-critical to the safe use of roads
    • SRL fits with the Company’s strategy of investing in companies with leading market positions and barriers to entry, yet with operational levers to achieve attractive returns for shareholders through active asset management
    • SRL has sound market fundamentals through the increasing emphasis placed on health and safety, and a growing propensity to rent rather than own TTE
    • Outsourcing ownership of TTE makes economic sense for traffic management companies, as it allows them to more efficiently manage maintenance and utilisation
    • SRL has a market leading reputation and is trusted by its customers


    SRL's temporary traffic solutions enable greater segregation and control of traffic flows, in turn improving safety and reducing congestion around roadworks. This improves satisfaction for road users and local communities and reduces pollution. In addition, focus is being placed on health and safety through the use of more sophisticated methods of traffic management to protect highway workers and segregate traffic, cyclists and pedestrians